If you are reading this, I have a solid feeling that you yearn to hit the road. The road beckons all souls. It calls some of us more than others. Certain people will answer the call and create a life always chasing what is up ahead.

A lucky few will dedicate themselves to living on that road. For me, I know that at the end of my days, I want know that I took the not so well-known, but often cited, “road less traveled.”

I would love to say that I embrace a rustic minimalist manner of travel, but truth be told, that is not me. I generally pack light and leave most comforts of home right where they belong (at home). But, born and raised in a society that enjoys certain comforts and conveniences, I have undoubtedly grown accustomed to not really struggling. Adventure, I crave, but in this site I want to share a bit about what we carry as we embark upon journeys, both small and large, as we pack up, leave our comfort zone, and enter into the great abyss of the unknown.

Let’s hit the road!

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